8th Grade Celebration

Hey guys. Today at school, there was an 8th grade celebration performance show. It consist 4 shows and 5 skits prepared by the 8th grade students with the aid of a teacher during the past 4 months.

I was in it :). MY group had to play guitar in front of the whole school without messing up. I was really nervous. I almost screwed up but no one realized it, whew! Finally, at the end, the butterflies in my stomach set free and at last, my dad picked me up and went straight home.

Man, that was one of the longest day of my life! First, I went with my friend to get some grub on before we get ready for the play. Got some fried chicken and french fries :). After that, we played some cards and stuff till it was time. Which was like around 4:45 pm. Our play starts at 6:30 pm. And the performance ends around 7:00 pm. I was about to go home alone until my dad came and picked me up, which really helped cause, since I live in New York, I’ll get shot :(.

I’m mad tired :(, unluckily, my homework is to watch George W. Bush’s State Of The Union speech. I hate the Bush administration! I hate Bush’s thoughts and ideas of Iraq. Man, I want to kill my teacher :(.

Well, C ya guys later! Unless I kill my ELA teacher and get charged for murder

Best Regards,


~ by Mizan on March 25, 2007.

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