Guitar Song

Hey everyone. I just made a new song which sounds similar to “Wild”. That song is inspiring lol. I made the song up during my guitar/music class in school.

If you want to learn it, i’ll be happy to teach you how. First off, you need a well tuned guitar with the basic string. Heres how your suppose to tune it:

1st String – Low E (Top Most String)
2nd String – A
3rd String – D
4th String – G
5th String – B
6th String – High E (Lowest String)

Once you have done tuning so, Play a “G” Chord, Strumming down twice. After that, slide it over to the 5th and 6th fret.

There, you strum the strings Down Up Down. Than you slide it to the 7th and 8th fret
(Note: You Are Still Doing the G String)

Once you slide it, the strumming is Down, Down, just like the Beginning. After You done so, move the G chord to the 5th and 6th and this time strum Down Up Down Up Down.

Lastly, you repeat the process. It does sound like “Wild Thing” dosent it? Lol. Note that you are only oging to hit the top 4 most string unless you want an acoustic feel to it, you hit all of them.

I hope you like the song,


~ by Mizan on March 26, 2007.

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