Web Design

I forgot one very important thing. If you ever need help in web designing such as using Adobe Photoshop or coding, I’m available for help.

I have been web designing for about a year now and am pretty good at my job. I cna code in CSS and xHTML Strict. So, i am available for hiring. I could also tutor for a small minimum wage depending on the hours. If you would like to see some of my work, feel free to instant message me on AIM, MSN, or E-mail me.

Right Now, I’m trying to make a forum with tutorials for people who want to become future web designers or already are that want to market their work. Right now, I’m saving up money. My goal is $300. So far, i have received a measly $2 out of donation :(. If you would like to donate e-mail me.

While I am saving up, feel free to ask questions to me for tutorials or help. I could teach you some stuff I know, and you might teach me some stuff too. Hey, you never know 😉

Best Regards,


~ by Mizan on March 27, 2007.

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