It was like 30 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday here in Bronx New York. It was cold, just throw on a fleece or a jacket and your good. Today, the temperature shot up about 50 degrees Fahrenheit more! I couldn’t believe my eyes when i was watching the weather channel. The heat was very intense and still is. I was about to install my Air Conditioner that i was saving for the summer.

It went from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 48 hours. This brings up to a conclusion that we are in global warming people! The weather is turning on us. The tsunami that happened in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina, Earthquakes, Floods, etc.
We can prevent this from happening ever again if we conserve!

Some conserving tips I searched on the internet are:
Don’t use your car that much, walk you fat ass.
When you leave a room, off the light, its just a switch away!
Recycle.Recycle.Recycle plastics, paper, anything that will help us as humans and creatures.
Use BP Gas!!!

Beyond Petroleoum Fuel

Lol, thats all for today. See everyone later.


~ by Mizan on March 27, 2007.

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