Sorry guys, it’s been awhile since I posted. I was busy with web design. I was plotting out what the layout should look like and the domain name.
Also, I’ve been experimenting with coding to check if my coding skills were worth coding my site. So far, its at an ok level, with basic CSS and HTML.

By the way, my birthday is coming up soon. When i mean soon, i mean really soon, like tomorrow soon lol. Yep, my birthday is on April 4 and I cna’t wait. There’s gonna be a big party, cake, games, the whole routine lol.

But sadly, works comes first. My parents are always at work, So they probably can’t make it unless they take that day off. Also, i gotta finish my layout for my portfolio site. Its gonna be about web design and my blog. So, when my site is up, i’ll notify you guys on this blog and post the link to my site.

Than, I’m going to transfer all my previous blog post to my portfolio site and make a blog there. Only this is, I want my own personal blog theme. Thats where the problem come. I don’t know how to code it in wordpress. Hmm, maybe I’ll ask a loyal coding friend to code it for me lol. Or, I could just learn how. I could make a layout for it or buy one, but that will be a waste of money. So I guess, I’ll jus tmake one and practice coding in wordpress.

Till then, see you guys later, probably the day after tommrow most likely becuase im gonna be out the entire day celebrating my birthday.

Best Regards,



~ by Mizan on April 3, 2007.

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