Devin Hester Perfect Madden 08

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Devin Hester gets the perfect madden 08 score for speed!

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10 Most Bizzare Celebrities

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These guys are weird. I wonder how they all got famous for such little things. Especially that numa numa guy, hes not cool 😦

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Sorry guys, it’s been awhile since I posted. I was busy with web design. I was plotting out what the layout should look like and the domain name.
Also, I’ve been experimenting with coding to check if my coding skills were worth coding my site. So far, its at an ok level, with basic CSS and HTML.

By the way, my birthday is coming up soon. When i mean soon, i mean really soon, like tomorrow soon lol. Yep, my birthday is on April 4 and I cna’t wait. There’s gonna be a big party, cake, games, the whole routine lol.

But sadly, works comes first. My parents are always at work, So they probably can’t make it unless they take that day off. Also, i gotta finish my layout for my portfolio site. Its gonna be about web design and my blog. So, when my site is up, i’ll notify you guys on this blog and post the link to my site.

Than, I’m going to transfer all my previous blog post to my portfolio site and make a blog there. Only this is, I want my own personal blog theme. Thats where the problem come. I don’t know how to code it in wordpress. Hmm, maybe I’ll ask a loyal coding friend to code it for me lol. Or, I could just learn how. I could make a layout for it or buy one, but that will be a waste of money. So I guess, I’ll jus tmake one and practice coding in wordpress.

Till then, see you guys later, probably the day after tommrow most likely becuase im gonna be out the entire day celebrating my birthday.

Best Regards,



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It was like 30 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday here in Bronx New York. It was cold, just throw on a fleece or a jacket and your good. Today, the temperature shot up about 50 degrees Fahrenheit more! I couldn’t believe my eyes when i was watching the weather channel. The heat was very intense and still is. I was about to install my Air Conditioner that i was saving for the summer.

It went from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 48 hours. This brings up to a conclusion that we are in global warming people! The weather is turning on us. The tsunami that happened in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina, Earthquakes, Floods, etc.
We can prevent this from happening ever again if we conserve!

Some conserving tips I searched on the internet are:
Don’t use your car that much, walk you fat ass.
When you leave a room, off the light, its just a switch away!
Recycle.Recycle.Recycle plastics, paper, anything that will help us as humans and creatures.
Use BP Gas!!!

Beyond Petroleoum Fuel

Lol, thats all for today. See everyone later.

Web Design

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I forgot one very important thing. If you ever need help in web designing such as using Adobe Photoshop or coding, I’m available for help.

I have been web designing for about a year now and am pretty good at my job. I cna code in CSS and xHTML Strict. So, i am available for hiring. I could also tutor for a small minimum wage depending on the hours. If you would like to see some of my work, feel free to instant message me on AIM, MSN, or E-mail me.

Right Now, I’m trying to make a forum with tutorials for people who want to become future web designers or already are that want to market their work. Right now, I’m saving up money. My goal is $300. So far, i have received a measly $2 out of donation :(. If you would like to donate e-mail me.

While I am saving up, feel free to ask questions to me for tutorials or help. I could teach you some stuff I know, and you might teach me some stuff too. Hey, you never know 😉

Best Regards,

Guitar Song

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Hey everyone. I just made a new song which sounds similar to “Wild”. That song is inspiring lol. I made the song up during my guitar/music class in school.

If you want to learn it, i’ll be happy to teach you how. First off, you need a well tuned guitar with the basic string. Heres how your suppose to tune it:

1st String – Low E (Top Most String)
2nd String – A
3rd String – D
4th String – G
5th String – B
6th String – High E (Lowest String)

Once you have done tuning so, Play a “G” Chord, Strumming down twice. After that, slide it over to the 5th and 6th fret.

There, you strum the strings Down Up Down. Than you slide it to the 7th and 8th fret
(Note: You Are Still Doing the G String)

Once you slide it, the strumming is Down, Down, just like the Beginning. After You done so, move the G chord to the 5th and 6th and this time strum Down Up Down Up Down.

Lastly, you repeat the process. It does sound like “Wild Thing” dosent it? Lol. Note that you are only oging to hit the top 4 most string unless you want an acoustic feel to it, you hit all of them.

I hope you like the song,

CSS Tutorials

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I found some great xHTML and CSS tutorials for people out there that want to learn. I myself will read most of them and practice.
Feel free to ask any questions about the links or what tutorials you want. I’ll be happy to help you guys out :). Note, some links may also talk about web designing.
Which is a good thing 😛 Here’s the links: < — Looks kiddy, but a great site to learn < — Play around with CSS codes and layouts < — Web Designing and Coding together as one < — Great handbook guide for people who know the basics < — Patterns for Photoshop, greatest of all actually <— Teaches you web 2.0 and how to make them < — Bookmarked 😉 < — Great forum that helps you out on your coding

Hope these links helped.

Best Regards,